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Steel Mill Rolls

Tacchi addresses the metallurgic industry with the building of horizontal flat bed lathes suitable for the production or revamping of steel mill rolls. The machine tools dedicated to this type of application have the peculiarity of being equipped with a high torque head. The steel mill rolls look like cylinders featuring different shapes and special profiles, and are in turn used to produce components in different sectors, from building to iron metallurgy.

In addition to the production of new steel mill rolls, with the Tacchi RT series lathes rollers that have been subjected to high stresses during their production cycle can also be re-machined to eliminate scales and inclusions, and to regenerate the original profile of the rolls. Tacchi is able to customize every one of its lathes according to the production needs of its customers. This is a plus often requested in the laminating roller sector as well.

Tacchi can also install notching and marking devices on the laminating roller lathes.

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